Customize your Label

1, Define the purpose: Before starting the design process, it's important to define the purpose of the patch. Will it be used for branding, identification, or decoration? Knowing the purpose will help guide your design choices.

Choose the shape: Decide on the shape of the patch. It can be a traditional shape like a circle, rectangle, or square, or it can be a custom shape that represents your brand or organization.
2, Add dimension: A 3D patch should have some level of dimension. You can achieve this by using different materials or adding layers to the design.
3, Choose materials: Select materials that will make your patch stand out. This can include silicone, TPU, PVC, fabric, thread, leather. Consider the durability and flexibility of the materials, especially if the patch will be used on clothing or other items that will be subject to wear and tear.
4, Add design elements: Incorporate design elements that reflect your brand or organization. This can include logos, slogans, or symbols. You can also add texture or patterns to make the patch more visually interesting.
5, Contact us, we can give you an idea and design for you!


Posted on Saturday, 06 May 2023
Luxury fashion brand Balmain Paris has added NFC tags to jackets and patches in its Balmain x Pokémon range that enable purchasers to unlock rewards and access an immersive digital experience by tappi...